The Illinois Forward Party is not just a political entity; it's a vibrant grassroots movement sweeping across Illinois. To mend our fractured system and lay the groundwork for a brighter future, we're calling upon the power of your passion and the unique talents you bring to the table!

In our pursuit of positive change, we're actively seeking individuals like you to fill various volunteer positions, including exciting opportunities within our diverse committees at the Illinois Forward Party. Whether you're interested in roles like recurring online volunteer orientation, community engagement events, community service events, or specialized Nation Builder training for outreach volunteers, there's a perfect fit for everyone.

Can't quite find the ideal match for your skills among the committee roles, or do you prefer the flexibility of contributing in a more general capacity? No worries – simply sign up below to be part of our dynamic volunteer force.


If you possess alternative ways you'd like to contribute or if you're uncertain about the specific role that aligns with your strengths, fear not. Your commitment to the cause is what matters most. Join the movement by clicking here, and let's collectively shape a future we can all be proud of. Together, we are the driving force behind positive change in Illinois!