We're thrilled to offer a range of impactful volunteer opportunities within the Campaigns/Elections Committee at the Illinois Forward Party! Take a look at the exciting roles below, and if any catch your eye, sign up by filling out the form to the right. We'll reach out to you shortly!

  1. Onboard County Leads:

    • Responsibilities: Extend a warm welcome to newly appointed County Leads, engaging in discussions about goals, roles, and responsibilities, including ongoing Calls to Action (CTAs).
  2. Political Strategist:

    • Responsibilities: Contribute strategic insights and expertise to shape effective campaign strategies, ensuring our initiatives align with our mission and resonate with the community.
  3. Graphics/Web Design:

    • Responsibilities: Infuse creativity into our campaigns through visually compelling graphics and web design, enhancing our online presence and conveying our message effectively.

Don't see a role that aligns with your interests? No problem! We have additional volunteer opportunities here, and if nothing suits your preferences, feel free to fill out the general volunteer form. The Illinois Forward Party warmly welcomes dedicated volunteers like you, as we continually strive to support positive change in our community!

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