We currently offer diverse volunteer roles within the Membership Committee! If any of the following positions pique your interest, kindly peruse the list provided and proceed to sign up. Upon receiving your information, we'll promptly reach out to you.

  1. Recurring Online Volunteer Orientation:

    • Responsibilities: Conduct general volunteer orientations, navigate through the slide deck, and extend a warm welcome to new volunteers. Maintain NationBuilder.
  2. Community Engagement Events:

    • Responsibilities: Generate creative ideas for local membership engagement opportunities, providing valuable resources for County Leads to implement effectively.
  3. Community Service Events:

    • Responsibilities: Generate innovative ideas for local membership service opportunities, offering valuable suggestions for County Leads to utilize and enhance community impact.
  4. Recurring Nation Builder Training for Outreach Volunteers:

    • Responsibilities: Provide in-depth training sessions on Nation Builder features and processes, ensuring outreach volunteers have a comprehensive understanding for consistent and effective use of NB.

If none of these roles align with your interests, no worries! We have additional volunteer opportunities available here. If none of those suit your preferences either, please feel free to fill out the general volunteer form. The Illinois Forward Party warmly welcomes individuals like you, as we always have room for more volunteers dedicated to supporting our cause!

Will you volunteer?