Join the Outreach/Organizing Committee and Make a Difference!

We're excited to offer various volunteer roles that play a pivotal role in connecting with our community and expanding our reach. Check out the opportunities below, and if any pique your interest, sign up here on the right! We'll be in touch to discuss how you can contribute.

Inbound Outreach:

  1. New Member Outreach:

    • Responsibilities: Respond to new supporters in Nation Builder.

Outbound Outreach:

  1. Street Team Volunteers:

    • Responsibilities: Actively engage in community outreach initiatives.
  2. County Volunteer Coordinator:

    • Responsibilities: Outreach to a pool of local volunteers, facilitating their participation in events and activities.
  3. County Field Captain:

    • Responsibilities: Lead Canvassing and Walk & Table outreach initiatives within their county, amplifying our presence and impact.

Not finding a specific match? No problem! Explore more volunteer opportunities here or fill out the general volunteer form. We always have room for more volunteers dedicated to supporting the Illinois Forward Party!

Will you volunteer?