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Welcome to the Pennsylvania Forward Party community! We're doing a lot of work to bring the values of democracy to our state. If you're fired up, Join US in building our community and let's create this thing together.

The Pennsylvania Forward Party pledges to Put Humanity First, Commit to Data, Communicate with Integrity and Transparency, Operate with Grace and Tolerance, & Embrace Political Diversity.

The Pennsylvania Forward Party stands for three core values: free people, vibrant democracy, and thriving communities.

  • Free People: Revitalize a culture that celebrates difference and individual choice, rejects hate, and removes barriers so that each of us can rise to our full potential.
  • Thriving Communities: Reinvigorate a fair, flourishing economy and open society where everyone can live a good life and is safe in the places where we learn, work, and live.
  • Vibrant Democracy: Reform our republic to give Americans more choices in elections, more confidence in a government that works, and more say in our future.

Will you help us move Pennsylvania Forward?


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