Help Us Build PA Forward!

The Pennsylvania Forward Party is just 18 months old but has already achieved a lot: we won three races in November 2023, we have active organizers in 15 counties, and we have a strong volunteer-led organization in place for 2024, a critical election year. The Commonwealth is one of 12 key states active in the national Forward movement. 

At both the state and county levels, we’re working hard - but we need your support to build the Forward party’s network and raise awareness of our mission: advancing consensus-driven policy, advocating for ranked choice voting and open primaries to promote a more vibrant democracy, and getting things done for the PA communities we all love so much.

Your donation to the Build PA Forward campaign goes directly to the Pennsylvania party's bottom line, and we'll use it to: 

  • Hold more events in PA 
  • Market & advertise the party
  • Grow the PA Forward team

Together, we will move the Commonwealth – and this country – Forward. Our heartfelt thanks in advance for your support! 

As part of our Leap Forward Day Campaign we're encouraging donations in multiples of $29. If you have the capacity to support us with a gift from $2.90 to $290, we thank you.

We have a goal of 100 unique donors by the end of February.

Check out our progress on this bar:

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