The video of January's Meeting is below:

Pennsylvania Forward General Meeting

  • Prepare for 2024
    • Educate
      • Collaboration
      • Technology
      • Curiosity
    • Organize
      • Locally & Regionally
      • Teams
        • Fundraising
        • Candidates
        • Communication
      • Plan
        • Statewide Candidate
          • The goal is to get 2% of the statewide total as well as in 10 different counties.
        • Involvement in 3 or more marquee races
        • Run Forward Candidates & support Forward Aligned/Endorsed candidates.


  • Building Community
    • We have formally endorsed two organizations so far:
      • BallotPA
      • Fair Districts PA
    • PA Democracy Collaborative
    • Forward E.T.H.I.C.
      • Engagement
      • Trust
      • Hope
      • Inspiration
      • Community


  • Fundraising—We have big plans in 2024, but we will need funding to pay for everything.
    • Last year we were able to raise just under $20,000. To have the impact the Forward Party needs in 2024 we need to raise an order of magnitude greater than in 2023.
      • We need gifts of every amount.
        • Even small gifts help us by increasing the number of donors.
          • A large number of donors will help us show those with the capacity for large gifts the viability of the Forward Party.
        • The best way to give is through a monthly donation.
      • We ask you to give only according to your capacity, but if you can give please do so through this link:


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Benjamin Valimont


I am an advocate for democracy & making our government work for us.