Help us kick of 2024 by participating in our Leap Forward Campain! We get an extra day this month so let's use it. There's 2 main parts to this campaign but it's all about using the time that we have now, to gear up for the opportunities that will be here soon.

We are holding in person events across the state on Leap Day Feb 29th.  Organizations like ours rely heavily on emails and video calls but there's nothing like the natural exchange of ideas sitting  around a table with people from your community who share your desire to find a new way to do things. These events are going to be simple meet ups, to celebrate the opportunities we have in the coming year.  If you've supported us for a while and haven't been sure how you can get involved, this is a great time.

Just reach out to [email protected] and we'll help you pick a location, print some handouts, and send emails inviting people to join you. 

Events Scheduled for February 29th

Allegheny County- Dancing Gnome Brewery

Bucks County- Station Taphouse

Somerset County- Uptown Works

We also would love your help with our donations goal this month. We want to reach a milestone of 100 unique donors to Pennsylvania Forward Party. About midway through 2023, we reached a point organizationally that we could accept donations to our State Party. Since that time, about 50 different people have donated and we'd like to ask more people to get involved helping us financially. Please join us by giving according to your capacity or in a multiple of $29 in celebration of Leap Forward Day. These donations will really help us plan for all the things we hope to do this year to bring something new to a political system that desperately needs it. 

Brian McMurray


I'm from New Castle. I've Spent most of my life in western PA. If our state can live with our Sheetz/Wawa divide, maybe there is hope for our polarized country yet.