The Pennsylvania Forward Party welcomed several guests to speak at this month’s general meeting.

  • David Thornburgh from BallotPA joined us to talk about the push to open our primaries
    • We have a very good opportunity to make this happen over the next month, but they need Forwardists like you to contact your legislators to encourage them to support open primaries.
  • Jason Ercole—Campaign Manager for Seth Bluestein joined us to talk about Seth’s Campaign in Philadelphia.
    • Seth Bluestein is running for Philadelphia City Commissioner. The commissioners are responsible for the administration of elections in Philadelphia. In the 2020 election, while serving as the Chief Deputy Commissioner, Mr. Bluestein showed tremendous integrity and bravery in the administration of Presidential election.
    • The best way to support this campaign is to go to Seth’s website & sharing information about Seth.
  • Keith Schmidt from Bridge Connections, joined us to talk about the two campaigns the Forward Party is involved with in Allegheny County
    • On Thursday, at 11:00 PM, the Forward Party is endorsing another candidate in Allegheny County. More information about this event is available here.
      • Please RSVP
    • Keith also made a passionate appeal to support the Stephen Zappala campaign.
  • The Forward Party also announced that we have officially endorsed several candidates.


You can watch the video of this meeting here:


The slide deck can be found here.


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