8:00 PM

The video of tonight's meeting can be viewed on Youtube here: https://youtu.be/uZQNBuzAmwU?si=8qCZBQfrX6CDC93x


  • Priorities
    • Rachel gave a quick presentation on our priorities as a party in Pennsylvania. She highlighted that Forward candidates, office holders and candidates seeking endorsement should provide solutions on these items in their individual policy platforms.


  • Results
    • Chris Woodward—F (Lower Heidelberg Township Auditor—Berks County) won with 1,270 votes.
    • Steve Zappala—R (Allegheny County District Attorney) won with 188,215 votes.
    • Seth Bluestein—R (Philadelphia City Commissioner) won with 60,307 votes.
    • Joe Rockey—R (Allegheny County Chief Executive) lost by 8,323 votes with 177,775 voting for him.
    • Jordan Succi—D (Northampton Township Auditor—Bucks County) lost by 1,082 votes with 6,136 voting for him.
    • Brittany Kosin—L (Warwick Township Supervisor—Bucks County) lost by 1,592 votes with 1,521 voting for her.
    • Bob Hollister—D (Lancaster County Commissioner) lost by 2,391 votes with 51,531 voting for him.
    • Shannon Wheeler—L (Magisterial District Judge (12-3-01) Dauphin County) lost by 3,360 votes with 1,319 voting for her.
    • Timothy McMaster—L (Conewago Township Supervisor—York County) lost by 302 votes with 515 voting for him.


  • 2024
    • Our primary goal is to achieve minor party status.
      • 2% of the statewide total, & 2% in ten counties
    • As long as they do not distract from our primary goal, we will also run several candidates for the Pennsylvania House.
      • There will be a lot more opportunities for people to run in 2025—especially in Judge of Election races.
    • Call to Action
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