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Chris Kringle, aka Christian Fyke, gave a review of what the Pennsylvania Forward Party accomplished in 2023 and what we hope to accomplish in 2024.

2023 Accomplishments

  • Gettysburg Summitt.
  • Recognized by the National Party as Battleground 12 state.
  • Developed Key Relationships across the state & country.
  • Focus on Candidates
    • PA Senators Williams & Boscola affiliated with the Forward Party.
    • 3 major endorsements where we won 2 & came within a few percent of winning the third.
    • We ran 6 additional candidates with 1 elected with Forward appearing on the ballot.
  • We launched a Student Coalition.
  • World Affairs Council Last week.
  • Over $17,000 in pledged donations

2024 Goals

  • We will run a Statewide Candidate who wins 2% of the statewide total & win 2% of the total in ten counties.
  • We will run several State House Candidates in the hopes of winning enough to prevent either of the major parties from achieving a majority.
  • We will build our volunteer base across the Commonwealth.
  • We will identify & develop leaders at the Regional & County levels.
  • We will dramatically increase the number of monthly donors even if the pledge $3.00 dollars for a third party.

At the end of the meeting we encouraged everyone to log onto the the National Party's Year End Call which you can now register to watch at the link below:



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