The Forward Party of Pennsylvania is in the process of creating democracy scorecards for all of the Senators & Representatives in the General Assembly. These scorecards provide information on our legislator’s views on the open primaries, ranked choice voting, & other democracy issues.


Pennsylvania House Scorecards


Pennsylvania Senate Scorecards



You can find your legislators at with this link:




There are a few recurring items of interest that these scorecards highlight:


Letter to object—In response to the former President’s defeat in the 2020 election, several of our legislators wrote a letter to the Pennsylvania Congressional Delegation urging them to object to the Electoral College votes. (Letter to Object)


Texas Amicus Brief—After the 2020 election, the state of Texas sought to prevent Pennsylvania from certifying the results of the Presidential election. (SCOTUS Blog) The United States Supreme Court ruled that Texas lacked a legal right to sue and did not have a legal interest in how other states carried out their elections. (SCOTUS Blog). Before the Court issued that order, however, several members of the Pennsylvania General Assembly joined Texas over Pennsylvania & issued an Amicus Brief which voiced their support to prevent the certification of the results of our election. (Texas Amicus Brief)


House Resolution 1094—On the last day of the legislative calendar, several members of the Pennsylvania House introduced a resolution that would declare that the results of the 2020 general election to be in dispute. House Resolution 1094


Congressman Kelly’s electors lawsuit—Congressman Kelly also filed a lawsuit seeking to prevent the certification of results of the Presidential election in Pennsylvania. (SCOTUS Blog). The court declined stop the certification (SCOTUS Blog) Prior to that, however, several legislators in the General Assembly joined the suit in Amicus Brief. (Congressman Kelly's Lawsuit)


Act 77 established no excuse mail in voting. This bill was initially supported by Republicans, with many Democrats voting against it as the Act also eliminated to option to vote a straight party ticket. Roll Call of the vote (House) (Senate).