Welcome to the Nevada Forward Party Intake Survey! Our goal is to help you identify the role that best suits your current level of commitment and availability. By understanding your preferences, we can better support you on your journey with the Nevada Forward Party.

In this short survey, you'll be presented with three distinct roles: Follower, Supporter, and Volunteer. Each role reflects varying degrees of involvement within the Party, allowing you to choose what works best for you. Please take a moment to read the role descriptions and select the one that resonates most with your current situation and interests:

  • Follower: While I am passionate about the movement, I cannot commit to attending events or volunteering at this time. I would like to stay updated on the Party’s major milestones and current efforts.
  • Supporter: I want to invest my time by attending some events (virtual or in-person) and helping out occasionally with "one-time" activities. Right now I don’t have the bandwidth to commit to regular participation.
  • Volunteer: I’m ready to dive in. I would like more information about the working groups driving the party. I would like to join a group and can commit weekly (for the most part) to the movement through individual work and/or a weekly meeting.


Your input is invaluable in helping us create an inclusive and effective community. Let's work together to shape the future of Nevada politics!

Cesar Marquez

Nevada Forward Party Chair

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