Cesar Marquez

Total Recruits: 87
Chair - Nevada Forward Party
Cesar Marquez's Fundraiser

Nevada Forward Party launch!

The Nevada Forward Party is asking for your support to help us achieve ballot access and pass open primaries and ranked-choice voting. 


Impact of Donations

Hiring a Finance Director: A crucial goal is to use funds to hire a Finance Director. This role is instrumental in propelling our fundraising efforts. We aim to jumpstart our operations by fundraising for this position, as the incumbent will, in turn, attract more funds, ensuring the role essentially pays for itself.


Voter Registration Efforts

A significant portion of your donation will be used to fund our ambitious voter registration initiative. This includes the cost of volunteer kits, which are vital tools in our registration drives. These kits, containing tables, canopy, flyers, and other materials, equip our volunteers with everything they need to effectively and efficiently register voters.


Volunteer Development

Your donations also support our volunteer development programs. Training and nurturing our volunteers is crucial to our mission, as they are the ones who are on the ground, connecting with voters and representing our values in their communities. These include: facilitation skills, leadership development, public speaking, conflict mediation, community engagement, etc. 


Hosting Local Events

We believe in the power of community and seek to host events in local businesses. At these events, we educate voters about ranked-choice voting by engaging them in fun activities, like ranking their favorite foods. These events are not only educational but also help to strengthen our ties with local businesses and the community.

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