Below, see the top 20 inviters in the Forward Party community. If you make this list by the end of the month, you and 19 others will be invited to a private web conference with Andrew Yang and Forward Party leadership.

Top 20 National Recruitment

Clee Washington

Total Recruits: 11
Thank you for taking the time to participate in our countries future. We need any help you can provide. Just letting people know that we have a plan to go forward. It can not work without you. Stay safe ➡️
Tabatha Kerr

Total Recruits: 16
I'm a mother fighting for yearly school inspections after losing my daughter Lilliana to school infrastructure. I'm also a proud member of the National Parents Union. Currently, MI and our nation's school infrastructure are rated D+.
Rick Kennedy

Total Recruits: 30
Two-time Dem Party nominee for US Congress in TX-17. Hater of gerrymandering and inability of voters to hold their reps accountable at the ballot box. Interim State Chair - FWD Party of TX.
Mike Deegan

Total Recruits: 12
Married, father of five and grandfather of fourteen. U.S. Marine. Forty year career in the transportation industry. Officer in the Knights of Columbus.
Austin Begin

Total Recruits: 7
Michigan Forward Party

Total Recruits: 89
Mobilizing support to establish the Forward Party in the state of Michigan. Not Left. Not Right. Forward. Join today and make a difference!
Patrick McClain

Total Recruits: 34
Community Leader for the Aurora IL SW/Suburban Region
Steven Hartmann

Total Recruits: 11
I believe that now more than ever a new political party is needed in Illinois and across the nation that can give voice to EVERY American. That's why I'm here and I hope you'll join us!
Dylan Chapman

Total Recruits: 7
Howdy! My name is Dylan Chapman, and I am a historian and social studies teacher in West Virginia. A lifelong Mountaineer, I aspire to bring the people of my state together to move WV—and the United States—Forward!
Brian Udall

Total Recruits: 12
Hey there! I'm Brian and I'm a State Lead for Ohio. I'm excited to help form a strong community that wants to connect rather than divide, despite our differences. Looking forward to meeting you!
Massachusetts Forward Party

Total Recruits: 25
Brett Eisenhauer

Total Recruits: 5
I am a Structural Engineer in my mid 30s in Charleston South Carolina.
Summer Mendes

Total Recruits: 3
Cesar Marquez

Total Recruits: 75
Chair - Nevada Forward Party
Bradley Powell

Total Recruits: 6
We need to move Forward together for our future generations! State Interim Co Lead and Mentor.
Oregon Forward Party

Total Recruits: 17
Forward Party California

Total Recruits: 25
Will Conway

Total Recruits: 18
Not just a new party - a new *kind* of party. Let's change politics together.
Julie Ruetz

Total Recruits: 27
I was a special education teacher for 19 years, and now I'm a paralegal. I have a Master's Degree, but I still struggle to pay my medical bills. I'm ready for the Forward Party to fix our broken system & ensure that the hard working people of this co
Laura Del Savio

Total Recruits: 17