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Mobilizing support to establish the Forward Party in the state of Michigan. Not Left. Not Right. Forward. Join today and make a difference!
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Welcome to the Michigan Community!

The Forward Party will be officially recognized in Michigan in 2024. We are currently creating a support system so we can successfully gather 400-500 signatures a day for six months. In order to accomplish this we need your help

Please explore our list of Volunteer Opportunities and let us know if you have any questions. 

One super simple way you can grow our movement is through your Forward Party Dashboard. 
Please share your personal recruiter link with anyone you know who may be interested. Creating a QR Code can be especially helpful in sharing your link. If you can't find your link, please check out this short video on how to do that: Finding Your Personal Recruiter Link

Through your dashboard you can also take the steps to host an event, write a letter to your local paper's editor, launch a fundraiser and/or download resources to print/download and distribute. If you are financially able, please purchase for a yard sign, bumper sticker or other merchandise here so we can generate more party recognition:
How can you get started today?
Join our Discord Serve so you can be involved in the national conversation and join our Michigan Channel. Please join any committee specific channels that peak your interest.

If you are active on social media, please join us!
Twitter and Instagram: @FWD_Michigan 
FWD Michigan on Facebook
TikTok: FWD_Michigan

Please use the following hashtags when posting: 

#ForwardParty #FWDTogether #FWD #MichiganForwardParty #NotLeftNotRightForward 

Also, please explore and bookmark our Michigan Current Events Page to see our Michigan Calendar Page with our newcomer and volunteer meeting information, all the happenings in our state, and some quick reference links including but not limited to: Ranked Choice Voting, FAQ's and a link to common misconceptions about the Forward Party.
Please reach out with any questions you may have along the way or if you would like to volunteer. We are excited you are here to help us move our democracy forward!
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