As of today, the Forward Party has officially achieved Minor Party status in Nevada.

We'll be writing to explain more about why party achievement in states - even "minor party" achievement - is a major accomplishment that requires an outrageous amount of work behind the scenes. After all, the Forward Party doesn't strive to just be *a* political party. No, we want to be a viable, credible, durable, unifying new kind of party that reinvigorates American politics and offers genuine choice for citizens. In order to do that, we must be durable, which means building a lasting, sustainable infrastructure long before state teams ever file paperwork.

For now, please understand that a team of volunteers (and tons of folks on the Forward HQ team) have been working overtime to make this happen. The crew in Nevada is remarkable, competent and deeply committed, and I'd like to extend a personal congratulations to Cesar Marquez (the very first Chair of the Nevada Forward Party), as well as other Nevada leaders like Valessa, Kee, John and Sandra. 

In November, Nevada passed a Final Five Voting statewide ballot initiative, despite aggressive opposition from leaders of both major parties. The initiative has to succeed again in 2024 to officially become law, but the citizens of Nevada seem to be sending a message: between their decision in November and the recent success of the Forward Party, it seems that Nevadans have had enough of the two party system weighing down real progress.

The next step in Nevada? Major Party status. In order to achieve it, the newly-formed Nevada Forward Party must register roughly 12,000 Nevadans as registered Forward Party voters. In the not-too-distant future, they'll be launching a major statewide initiative to do just that.

More to follow! For now, congratulations to the entire team.

Will Conway


Not just a new party - a new *kind* of party. Let's change politics together.