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Beer Rankings


Below are the rankings of beer for breweries across Colorado, as determined by the Forward Colorado members.


Great Divide Brewery

There are 4 candidates competing for the number 1 seat! 13 Forwardists bravely ranked the best of Great Divide...

Round Espresso Yeti Hoss Peach Milkshake IPA Passionfruit Guava Description
1 2 First-rank votes 8 First-rank votes 2 First-rank votes 1 First-rank votes Count of first choices
2 2 First-rank votes 8 First-rank votes 3 First-rank votes ELIMINATED Count after eliminating Passionfruit Guava and transferring votes
3 ELIMINATED 10 First-rank votes 3 First-rank votes ELIMINATED Count after eliminating Espresso and transferring votes

The Hoss Lager has been declared the BEST beer at Great Divide!


Stay tuned for more beer rankings in Colorado! And don't forget to check the Colorado Calendar for more Brewery RCV events coming up!