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Events Working Group


Events Lead

Joshua Herr (Interim Lead)

The Events Working Group is currently looking for a Lead! If you are interested in leading our Event efforts, please reach out to State Leadership!


Short Description

The Events Working Group plans and executes events across the state and online. We try to plan events across different geographic areas and online, as well as specific event series. As we grow the party and the volunteer base, we intend to host events across different verticals, such as mental and physical health, community service, listening and discussion events, and many more! This is an exciting group to join! If you like to plan events and/or meet lots of fellow Forwardists across the state, this is the working group for you!


Current Activities

Colorado Organization Education Series

The Colorado Forward Party is inviting guest speakers from organizations across the state to come and speak. As we move forward as a party, identifying and collaborating with established organizations in the state that are working on issues that Forward Colorado is aligned with! Stay up to date with COES events on the Colorado Calendar and be sure to check in with our COES Events Page to catch up on any organization education events you've missed!

Voting Method Series

The Colorado Forward Party has been inviting guest speakers to come and present on various Voting Method concepts. If you're curious about other ways in which citizens can cast their votes, check out the Voting Method Series page!


Event Calendar

Check out the Event Calendar for upcoming events planned and hosted by the Events team! If you see some events that interest you, RSVP for the event, and don't forget to add them to your calendar! If you don't see any events of interest, join our team and help us plan more diverse events that align with your interests!


Previous Events

Best Beers in Colorado

The Forward Party has been working furiously to rank the best beers in Colorado. It's a challenging task but someone has to do it! Our execution strategy has been to segment each brewery individually and rank its best beers to determine each Brewery's best. Once we have finished our segmentation ranking comes the daunting task of ranking the best beer from all of the breweries to determine Colorado's finest!

Check out our current rankings on the Beer Rankings Page.

Colorado Forward Priorities

The Colorado Forward Party has been hosting Priority Discussion events to start brainstorming and refining priorities for the state party. Check out the current Proposed Colorado Forward Party Priorities and join us at our Priority Discussion events to add your voice and help us build a platform of priorities that will move Colorado forward!