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Working Groups


Working Groups are teams of volunteers working on specific areas of growth in the organization. They have a Working Group Lead who works with the State Leadership to help determine and drive appropriate initiatives to engage in our communities and build out the current organization into a major political party.


Join a Working Group


You can join a Working Group by filling out the Working Group Information Form. Read more information about the Working Groups below.


Leadership Organization

If you would like to apply for a leadership position with the Colorado Forward Party, please email [email protected].


Infrastructure Working Group

The Infrastructure Working Group builds extends and maintains the organization's tools and resources.


Events Working Group

The Events Working Group plans events around the state to meet other Forwardists and connect with our communities.


Communications Working Group

The Communications Working Group handles all of the outreach efforts and media for the Colorado Forward Party.


Initiatives Working Group

The Initiatives Working Group focuses on specific efforts to promote the state and national party priorities. This includes becoming recognized as a Minor Party within the State of Colorado as well as promoting and supporting efforts to implement alternative voting methods. If you would like more information, check out the Initiatives Working Group area.


Outreach Working Group

The Outreach Working Group focuses on outreach efforts to members of the party who have signed up on our website. This group engages with new members to see how we can best get them involved. They also reach out to members who have been inactive to see if there's any way we can engage with them now.


Colorado Leadership Circle

The Colorado Leadership Circle (CLC) is not technically a Working Group but is a council of community leaders who meet to discuss challenges in Colorado's communities and provides recommendations to the party leadership. Check out the Leadership Circle area for more information.