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Alternative Voting Methods Series


Check below for new presentations in our Alternative Voting Methods Series


What are Alternative Voting Methods?

Alternative Voting Methods are different mechanisms that can be employed for people to vote. Instead of checking a box next to one candidate you like, how else could you express your opinion and perspective on who you believe would do the best job from the available candidates. What if your first choice doesn't have a chance? Should you vote for the one that has the best shot of winning? Different methods of voting promote different over-arching sociological trends in both the electorate and constituency satisfaction. Finding which methods work best in different communities, we believe, is a solid strategy for helping to grease the cogs of our political system.


Approval Voting

Approval Voting is a voting method in which people can choose - or approve - any number of candidates in a single race. Instead of a ballot stating "Pick one of the following candidates for Race X", the ballot would state "Pick one or more of the following candidates for Race X".

Listen to Felix Sargent from the Center for Election Science discuss what Approval Voting is, how it works, and why it's such an easy and attainable change for communities across the country!





STAR Voting

STAR Voting is a voting method in which people rate each candidate with 0 - 5 stars in every election. STAR Voting allows people to express their opinions as honestly as possible. If you've ever left a review that asks for 0 - 5 stars, you've been using a form of STAR voting!

Sass from the Equal Vote Coalition provides an in-depth analysis behind how STAR voting works and why it's an effective solution for many of our structural problems in democracy. Sass does a great job of diving into the technical (wonky) details of STAR voting as well as other voting methods!





Ranked Choice Voting

Ranked Choice Voting (RCV) is a voting method in which people rank the candidates for each race (from 1 - N). Ranked Choice Voting has been picking up significant traction in recent years as a way to provide more options in elections and eliminate the "spoiler effect", ideally leading to a more robust and diverse political body.

Linda Templin of Ranked Choice Voting for Colorado talks about what Ranked Choice Voting is, how it works, and where are we at in Colorado in terms of adopting RCV.







Have an idea for an addition to the Alternative Voting Method series? Reach out to State Leadership to propose another event!