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Previous Events

Check below for previous events that the Colorado Forward Party has hosted


Series Events

The Colorado Forward Party has been hosting various events along a common topic theme. We record the event series meetings so if you miss one of the events, you can catch up here! Check out series events below and keep an eye out for new series on the Event Calendar.

If you have an idea for a new event series, reach out to the Events Working Group Lead to discuss the details!

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Alternative Voting Method Series

The party has running an educational series on Alternative Voting Methods. If you're curious about a small tweak in how we run our democracy that may yield promising results, check out this series! We have brought in experts from various organizations across the country that focus on reforming mechanisms for democracy. We highly recommend this series, particularly as the state party looks towards our priorities in the next election cycles.

If you have an idea for an addition to the Voting Method series, please reach out to the State Leadership.

Alternative Voting Method Series


Colorado Organization Education Series

The Colorado Forward Party is looking to cooperate and coordinate with other like-minded organizations across the state. Check out our series on partner organizations to learn more about organizations that we are working with to accomplish positive, tangible results for Coloradans across the state!

If you have know of an organization that is aligned with the Forward Party and would be interested in working with us, please reach out to State Leadership!

Colorado Organization Education Series


Forward Party Pitch Training

Ever wondered how to approach people about the Forward Party? Looking for an easy opener to start a conversation about politics? Check out our Pitch Training for some tips and tricks to forming your own pitch for the party!