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Colorado Calendar Events

Head on over to the Colorado Calendar to see what events we're hosting in your area and online! The Colorado Forward Party hosts events across the state every month and as we continue to get more volunteers involved, you'll see more and more events! If you don't see any in-person events in your area and would like to host one, see below.


Host an Event

We are always looking for people to host Forward Party events in their communities. One of our goals is to hear from our communities and find ways to support them. But we cannot be everyone at the same time. That's where we need help from members like you to host an event at a coffee shop, a bookstore, or anywhere else! Our Events Working Group will help you prepare for the event and provide any support you need!


Catch up on Events

Catch up on some of our previous event series in the Previous Events area. For our Series Events, we record, edit and upload them to youtube, but you can also watch them from our Previous Events area as well. Check that page for updates as we host more presentation series and add more videos!