When November 03, 2022 at 6:30pm 1 hr
Contact Curtis Harrison [email protected] 5129057362

Join us for a virtual discussion about the statewide ballot measures on Colorado's ballot this Fall. Whether you've submitted your ballot yet or not, come share your thoughts and listen to others as it relates to these ballot measures. The intention is to be exposed to other perspectives and to learn from them, while sharing your own unique perspective. All party affiliations and political leanings are welcome. 

Ballot Measures to be Discussed:

  • Amendment D - New 23rd District Judges
  • Amendment E - Extend homestead exemption to gold star spouses
  • Amendment F - Changes to charitable gaming operations
  • Proposition FF - Healthy School Meals for All
  • Prop GG - Add tax information table to petitions and ballots
  • Prop 121 - State income tax reduction rate
  • Prop 122 - Access to Natural psychedelic substances
  • Prop 123 - Dedicate revenue for affordable housing programs
  • Prop 124 - Increase allowable liquor store locations
  • Prop 125 - Allow grocery and convenience stores to sell wine
  • Prop 126 - Third party delivery of alcohol beverages


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