State Committee Minutes

August 22, 2023

  • Town Hall Review
    • The town hall format was a big hit last night & we discussed how often we should use the town hall format.
  • March on Harrisburg
    • After the Philly engagement, Chairman Fyke got into contact with March on Harrisburg to further explain that we did not have anything to do with the challenge to the Working Families Party candidate. They had a good conversation about the places we align and can build a good relationship between our two organizations.
  • Organizing
    • Every member of the leadership team is also a part of the organizing team.
    • Relying on his experience Chairman Fyke asked Gust to provide advice on organizing.
      • Different places will have different strategies
        • Many places across the state will not have the foot traffic to set up on the sidewalk.
      • One of the things the Capitol region is going to start doing is having regular in-person meetings monthly.
        • The strategy is to get a core group of people who enjoy spending time together.
        • People tend to drop off when these meetings are nothing but business.
      • The big thing is to schedule a regular monthly meeting (in-person) at the same place.
    • Strategic Plan
      • Create Awareness
      • Grow Membership
      • Raise Funds
      • Establish Priorities
      • Candidates
        • Electing Candidates
        • Endorsing Candidates
      • 2024 Preparations
        • There is a good possibility that our primary gets moved up.
        • In the central region, Gust is starting to search for potential candidates who would be willing to drop out if the race becomes contested.
      • Executive Committee Vacancy
        • Secretary Valimont made a motion to nominate Gust Tatlas to the Executive Committee. This motion was seconded followed by an overwhelming majority voting in favor of the appointment.


The video of the meeting can be found here:

Benjamin Valimont


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