State Committee Meeting Minutes


  • Organizing
    • The table banners & feather flags are being shipped & will hopefully be arriving this week.
  • Executive Committee Meeting
    • The first meeting of the executive committee will be held next Tuesday, August 1, 2023.
      • The Executive Committee consists of
        • 1) Christian Fyke (Chair)
        • 2) Benjamin Valimont (Secretary)
        • 3) Brian McMurray (S. West Chair)
        • 4) Hector Torres Diaz (Capitol Chari)
        • 5) Kyle DiMarriano (S. East Chair)
        • 6) Bill Detweiler (N. East Chair)
        • 7) Emily Korns (Central Highlands Chair)
        • 8) Bill Jones (Treasurer)
        • 9) Timothy Snyder (Head of Fundraising)
        • 10) Jack Merritt (At-large)
        • 11) Rachel Shanok (At-large)
        • 12) Ethan Demme (At-Large/Immediate Past Chair-SAM)
      • Candidates
        • We have to upcoming endorsement announcements
          • August 10—Seth Bluestein
          • August 17—Stephen Zappala
          • The deadline for the two recruits is coming up on Tuesday (August 1st)
            • We discussed the committee to fill vacancies.
          • Strategic Plan—Jack Merritt presented the initial shell of a strategic plan for the next few years. This plan is divided into several different areas to focus on.


The video of the meeting can be found here:



Benjamin Valimont


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