The Pennsylvania Forward Party has officially the following candidates for this election cycle:


Chris Woodward (Lower Heidelberg Township—Berks)

Chris Woodward is an independent running under the Forward Party-Political Body. One of the goals of the Forward Party is to have a vibrant democracy and that includes preventing uncontested races. Even worse are races where no one is on the ballot. During this past summer, the Pennsylvania Forward Party set about recruiting people to run in these empty races & Mr. Woodward answered our call.

Chris Woodward joined the Forward Party after hearing that Christine Todd Whitman and Joe Sestak were forming a political party. He is running to be a voice for reasonableness. Chris believes that he owes it to his children and the younger generations to help us in breaking from the duopoly.


Seth Bluestein (Philadelphia City Commissioner)

Thursday, August 10th, Forwardists gathered in Philadelphia to celebrate City Commissioner Seth Bluestein as he became a Forward Party affiliate, joining a growing trend across the nation. To learn more, including watching the live stream, read our news coverage listed below:

The Philadelphia Inquirer

City & State (Pennsylvania)

Forward Party National

You can watch the announcement on Facebook


Steven Zappala (Allegheny County District Attorney)

The Pennsylvania Forward Party endorsed Stephen Zappala in his re-election bid for District Attorney of Allegheny County. To learn more, including watching the live stream, read our news coverage listed below:

WTAE (Channel 4)

Forward Party National


Pennsylvania Capital Star

You can also watch the announcement on Facebook.


Joe Rockey (Allegheny County Chief Executive)

The Pennsylvania Forward Party endorsed Joe Rockey in his bid for Chief Executive of Allegheny County. To learn more, including watching the live stream, read our news coverage listed below:

Forward Party National

Pittsburgh Post Gazette

You can also watch the announcement on Facebook or Youtube


Robert Hollister (Lancaster County Commissioner)

Dr. Robert Hollister, recently retired school superintendent, was born and raised in Lancaster County. Bob served as the Superintendent of the Eastern Lancaster County School District (ELANCO) for nearly 14 years.  A life-long registered Republican changed parties after the January 6 insurrection and ran for Congress in the 2022 election cycle as a Democrat.

He is running for County Commissioner because Lancaster needs an experienced problem solver.  Working with others of differing opinions and beliefs is standard for Bob. He recognizes that each of us is on our own journey and that we each are a sum total of the experiences that we have had on our life continuum. The Forward Party is endorsing Robert Hollister because he appeals to commonsense, democratic principles, and productive pragmatic politics. He truly support the Forward Party's pledge and creed.


Timothy McMaster (Conewago Township Supervisor—York County)

Tim has been a resident of Conewago Township, York County, PA for over 25 years where he runs a small goat and cattle farm with his wife and 2 amazing teenage sons. In 2021, he ran for State Senate & in 2022, he was the Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania’s candidate for Lieutenant Governor.

He is running for Township Supervisor in 2023 to put accountability back on the Board of Supervisors. The Forward Party is endorsing Tim because he believes that building coalitions & bridging divides is the key to making real and sustainable change in the political system. We must (MUST) move past the few things that divide us and begin to bring focus and light to those that unite us like Timothy McMaster.


Jordan Succi (Northampton Township Auditor—Bucks County)

Jordan is an impressive young adult. A lifelong resident of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, he was the campaign organizer for Ilya Breyman, who ran for state representative & was the only candidate in Pennsylvania endorsed by the Forward Party in 2022. Jordan also serves as a judge of elections. He hopes to inspire young people, like himself, to get into the political scene and make a difference in their communities.

Jordan is running for Township Auditor as a Forward Democrat because he believes he that can help people to work together and not focus on going to the left or the right. Jordan was endorsed by the Forward Party because he hopes to create a better future for policymaking and cooperation between both sides of the political aisle.


Shannon Wheeler (Magisterial District Judge (12-3-01)—Dauphin County)

Shannon was raised by a single mother of three. Most of her immediate and extended family are first responders who introduced her to a life of service early on. She resides in Halifax with her family. She is a strong supporter of the community, which led her to adopt her daughter from the Pennsylvania Foster Care System as a single parent. For the last 13 years, Shannon has made an impact with a business that focuses on women.

Shannon is running for Magisterial District Judge as Forward Libertarian to protect the rights of her district and all those who live in it. She is committed to serving her community as an unbiased, fair, and dedicated Magisterial District Judge. Shannon was endorsed by the Forward Party because she is a candidate that seeks the middle ground. She will remain unbiased and non-partisan as a District Judge.



Benjamin Valimont


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