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Welcome to the Virginia Forward Party community! 

Virginia, of all the United States, sums up the American experience.  It has been at the confluence of most of the central triumphs and tragedies of our nation since the founding of Jamestown over 400 years ago.  Each generation has had the challenge and opportunity to create a brighter future by learning from the failures and building on the achievements of generations past.  We now have that same challenge and opportunity, which requires applying innovative thinking to build on the best of our historical legacy.

 The Forward Party offers a pathway to channel our efforts and realize that brighter future.  However, we can only succeed as a group.  That is why we want our Virginia Community webpage to be a place where we can coordinate and amplify our efforts.

 Please join us here in the Virginia Community.  Our Virginia efforts are directed by state co-leads Arun Nedun, Brendon Lugo, and Eric Richards; regional coordinators; and our research, communications, and fundraising teams.

After you join the Virginia Community, please take the opportunity to update your profile and sign up to volunteer, including agreeing to necessary codes of conduct (don’t verbally abuse others, act unethically, etc. in your representation of the Forward Party).

We have upcoming organization meetings, community outreach, meet-ups, and volunteer opportunities around Virginia.  We look forward to your participation.