At the time of the mergers the following pages were shared as the branding summary of the newly formed Forward Party and in turn we shared and discussed these pages at the PA Statewide meeting. I have a few printed copies and often share with people when they have interest in learning more about Forward. I hope they help you in sharing and understanding Forward. 

 Civic Participation - An America that is optimistic, creative, and kind enabled by a democratic government that is just, representative, ethical, open, and innovative by default and that is animated by the vibrant, full participation of all Americans.

  •  Encourage full participation in civic life.

  •  Develop a culture of civic duty through shared effort toward shared goals.

  • Support and participate in a vibrant, healthy public sphere.


    Human Development - People & Communities are good and capable of growth.

  • Support all people such that self-realization and redemption are not only possible

    but probable for everyone.

  • Ensure personal liberty that enables safe, creative self-determination.

  • Encourage our shared responsibility for shared resources.

  • Support all people’s basic needs: public health and safety and guaranteed access

    to safe housing, healthy food, high-quality health care, and opportunities to learn.

    Pluralism and Free Press - Encourage a humble pluralism that leads to better ideas.


  • New and different ideas, perspectives, and cultures are good for everyone.

  • Develop a culture of continuous adaptation that celebrates deliberation, difference,

    and empathy.


    Good Government - Responsive public processes and institutions make participating in civic life easy.

  • Develop a culture of public service in government that is ethical, innovative, and open by default.

  • Ensure the just rule of law independent of position or privilege.

  • Support election processes that promote choice and broad representation.

    America on the Right Track - America is best when America is optimistic, creative, and kind.

  • Develop a culture where we hold that what elevates others elevates us.

  • Encourage our long-term commitment to each other’s thriving inspired by faith in a

    shared abundant future.

  • Support the potential and possibility of all Americans all the time.

Christian Fyke


I spend my time building community and connecting people through hospitality.