Forward Party Growth Opportunities

There are three exciting immediate opportunities for party growth.  First of all, the Forward Party Summit is coming up, and we need your support for our Virginia delegation to this first national gathering as a new party.  Secondly, we are aggressively recruiting  county/city chairpeople, and we encourage you to be a part of building our network across the state.  Finally, we are forming our Policy Working Group, and we hope that you will help us to expand our policy priorities here in Virginia.


1. Forward Party Summit (HIGH Priority)

The Forward Party Summit on June 22 – 25, in Aurora, Colorado, will be the first national gathering for the Forward Party.  It will further develop national governing structures, including those that govern the relationships between the national party and the state organizations.  Each state has the opportunity to send two voting delegates to the Summit, and details regarding the election process for those two delegates will be announced in early May.  In the meantime, funds must be raised to support our delegates.

We need to raise at least $5,000 by May 1st to ensure that Virginia is represented at the Forward Party Summit.  The $5,000 that we raise is a base level of support that will provide room and board for our two Virginia delegates.

Time is short, and we appreciate your personal donation and/or outreach to those that might be willing and able.


2. County/City Chairpersons

The Forward Party Virginia has been building out its network of regional volunteers, and we want to take our organization to the next level.  Regional and local chairpersons coordinate communication and activities within their areas.  This is crucial for our growth in Virginia, but we need many more volunteers to truly make an impact in the state.

That is why we encourage you to join us in our efforts and let us know of your interest in becoming a regional or local chairperson.  Whether you have political experience or not, your personal experience can be an asset to help lead this movement.


3. Policy Working Group

Political stagnation in this country has left us with a stack of unsolved problems.  The roots of this stagnation are the misaligned incentives produced by many of our electoral structures and procedures.  That is why the Forward Party is focused on voting reform, nonpartisan primaries, and independent redistricting commissions.  However, we all know that those unsolved problems in the stack are not going to solve themselves; we’ve got to get it done.

Forward Virginia’s Policy Working Group is launching now to prioritize those issues on which we want to focus beyond reforming our electoral structures and procedures.  To do so, we will be dividing Policy Working Group participants into three subgroups that each will focus on one of the three broad issue categories of Free People, Thriving Communities, and Vibrant Democracy.  Conversations will be had in each subgroup and in the overall Policy Working Group to develop the policy priorities that will guide Forward Virginia’s actions.

We hope that you’ll be part of the conversation.


Making Growth Happen

1. Forward Party Summit Fundraising:  $5,000 by May 1 (URGENT Action Needed!)

  • Make a personal donation via our Virginia Community’s donation website. Donate 💸 💰  Also, if you are willing and able, please reach out to us at [email protected] about being a matching donor so that we can truly amplify the impact of each donation.
  • Join a fundraising team (teams of 5 people each) that will make our goal much more manageable.  Join 👋 👉

2. County/City Chairs:  Volunteer yourself for the role.  In most cases, we do not yet have someone filling the role, so please let us know if you would like to be considered for the role or find out more about the role.  Just let us know at [email protected]

3. Policy Working Group:  Volunteer to join the group, and let us know which subgroup you prefer (Free People, Thriving Communities, or Vibrant Democracy).  Please let us know at [email protected]


Will you commit today to help send Virginia Forward?

Your support will enable our Virginia delegates to attend the Forward Party Summit and advance and expand our work across Virginia.  Together we will build a representative and stable democracy that works for everyone.


Not left. Not right. FORWARD.