The Current State of Tennessee Politics

Over the past weeks, Tennessee's political culture has been laid bare for the whole nation to see: pettiness, retaliation, and extreme partisanship that prevents our lawmakers from addressing the issues that matter most to the citizens.

The good news is that people are paying attention, and they are engaging with their representatives, and they are making their voices heard through means beyond voting. And the truth is, if we're going to change the political climate, we're going to have to do more than just vote. 

We're working hard to use our social media accounts as a way to keep people informed about what's happening in Tennessee, why it matters, and what we're doing to try to improve the landscape. Follow us on social media, and if you like what you see there, consider joining this site to receive our emails and learn about upcoming events.



What Forward TN is Doing About It....

Tennessee Forward is working to reduce political division so we can bring meaningful solutions to real problems in the Volunteer State.

Here's what we've done during the 113th General Assembly to improve the political landscape:

  • Resisted efforts to require voters to declare a statewide political party
  • Argued against Republican efforts to exclude independent, third-party, and unaffiliated voters from primary elections 
  • Appeared before legislative committees to make our voices heard
  • Rallied citizens to engage in this process by contacting their legislators

Here's what we're doing to improve the future of Tennessee elections:

  • Building teams in every TN county
  • Identifying every elected seat in the state so we can target uncontested races
  • Seeking Forward candidates for state and local offices, and major party candidates whose values match our own
  • Working toward official party affiliation in TN
  • Spreading the word to Tennesseans who are tired of division and partisanship 
  • Raising funds to attend Forward Party's national summit in Colorado so we can learn more about official party recognition in Tennessee. 

Forward TN is building a bottom-up movement to reform our political system. Join us to learn the system and keep up with what's happening.



Join the Volunteers

No matter what skillset you possess, there's a place for you to serve in the Forward TN effort. If you'd prefer a behind-the-scenes role with no outreach requirements, we'll find it for you. If you love to meet new people and lead groups, we've got those roles, too. Forward TN will look a little different in every county and in every community because the communities have personalities of their own. And because no one knows your community like you do, you're the perfect candidate to help us build a new, durable political party in Tennessee.

We’re seeking volunteers who have even one hour a week to commit to the effort. Start by learning more about the county effort, knowing that we want you to find work that you love doing!



Get involved locally!

We're a bottom-up party, that means we're building county teams in each and every county (all 95 of them) in Tennessee. Right now, we're starting with the top 10 counties where we have the most support. If you'd like to get involved locally, be sure to join your local community as well!





Donating just $5 every month can make a huge difference. We have almost 3,000 supporters in Tennessee, if only 10% of them we're donating $5 every month, we'd have almost $20,000 to support candidates in 2023. If you're able to, please consider donating to the Party as we work towards a better future.



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