Paul Sechrist

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Communities & Building Director, Tennessee FWD. Nashville, TN. Let's move forward, together. (615) 205-2591 [email protected]
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Moving Tennessee Forward, one county at a time

Hey y'all!! My name is Paul and I am one of the Tennessee FWD State Leads. I've spent most of my time in politics building county and statewide movements along with working on a handful of candidate campaigns. I've seen success and I've seen failure; what I can say for sure is that the best chance we have at fixing our broken democracy is Forward, together. 

Together, we can work to move your town/city Forward, move your county Forward, and move our state and country Forward. I'm fired up to help make our dream a reality and to be part of this team is what I consider the opportunity of a lifetime. 

If you are in Tennessee and aren't sure where to start, put some time on my calendar, I'd love to talk!

Not Left. Not Right. Forward. 

(615) 205-2591
[email protected]

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