Thank you for choosing to register with the LA FWD Party!

We need less than 2000 registrations in order to become a minor party in our state so every registration gets us closer to reaching that goal.


Follow this step-by-step guide to change your registration in less than 5 minutes:

1. Locate your official license ID card - you'll need this

2. Head over to the LA Secretary of State Online Voter Registration page here

3. Scroll down and click on:

4. Click on the second button that says you want to "Make changes to my current voter registration" and check "Party Affiliation", then hit "Submit"

5. Input your first & last name, zip code, and birth month/year, then hit "Submit"

6. Verify your eligibility with the two questions on the screen and hit "Save & Continue"

7. Verify your registration information by filling out the fields on the screen (here's where you may need your ID card) and hit "Save & Continue"

8. Here's the good part - under party affiliation, choose "Other" and type in "FORWARD" in the provided "Other" field, then hit "Save & Continue"

9. Hit "Continue" to submit and MAKE SURE TO SUBMIT ELECTRONICALLY to ensure your registration goes through

10. Hit "Finish" and voila - you are now registered with the LA FWD Party!


Email us at [email protected] if you run into any technical issues or just to let us know you made the switch so we can celebrate. Thank you once again for moving this movement forward! :-)