1. Welcome and Introductions
    1. Trib Total Media ad policy-https://triblive.com/opinion/jennifer-bertetto-why-trib-total-media-is-nixing-negative-political-ads/
    2. "Process Over Policy"
  2. PA Forward Leadership- representative and transparent. Interim leadership is working to adopt a  nomination and election process that can be utilized prior to by-laws and binding agreements are entered.
  3. Ongoing Opportunities-utilize calendar on website for links and event details, social media, emails
    1. Drop-in Mondays-updates, sharing of ideas, making connections
    2. Framework Sessions- discuss and explore topics to better understand differing opinions with a goal of identifying solutions.
    3. Local Events- host one in your neighborhood-there will be one in Philly 12/15 with a special guest from the National Forward team. 
  4. Team and Committee Reports
    1. Communications (Brian, Gabe, Christian)
    2. Research-(Ben, Hector, Kyle) Candidate training, recruitment, vetting; By-laws; Identifying races where we should get involved
      1. Upcoming special elections
    3. Finance and Fundraising- (Tim and Jack) 
      1. Next week- December is a season of giving for many.This is an opportunity to connect with other members of the Forward community and listen to what the movement means to them as well as practice the words of what Forward means to you.
  5. Convention Planning
    1. Location, Size and Targeted Date 
    2. Marketing, Graphics 
    3. Program- "3 Pillars" in Depth-one session on each with guests from HQ, Live version of Frameworks in breakout sessions, tabling for collaborators and service opportunities couple with "commercial breaks" throughout the day where they can introduce themselves. Potential candidate spotlight and organizing breakouts. 



Christian Fyke


I spend my time building community and connecting people through hospitality.