The Forward Party has just unveiled its 2024 battleground map, pinpointing our game plan for candidate recruitment across 12 crucial states including Pennsylvania. The announcement paints a clear picture of the party’s strategic focus at the state and local levels, renewing a sense of purpose and enthusiasm among party members, volunteers, and supporters.

The states selected all fulfill criteria that FWD National leadership believes have the best opportunity at driving towards success, defined as:

-Candidates running for office - and winning.

-Strong leadership

-Viability for ballot access

-Working to identify candidates and potential party switchers

-National relevance

-Other reform efforts aligning with FWD priorities

Now that we’ve been identified as a key battleground state, we will have National HQ investment in our leadership teams, helping us build the infrastructure to achieve party recognition and run state and local candidates. 

To accomplish this we need your eyes, ears and local government knowledge.  If you have a current or former local leader who aligns with FWD principles and objectives of improving democracy through collaborative, solution based governance - let your State Leadership Team know! We are looking to create relationships with these leaders that can yeild results at the local, county and state levels.

Share what you know by emailing [email protected]