1. Welcome
    1. Introductions
    2. Coalitions and Collaborators
  2. Message from Chair(Interim)- Christian Fyke
    1. 2022 Wrap Up
      1. PA FWD 
        1. 20+ events and 336 unique rsvps
        2. New sign ups every week, almost daily
        3. Interim leadership and Teams established
      2. National FWD
        1. State leadership now in most states
        2. Florida and Texas have had Executive Committee Planning Retreats
        3. South Carolina is actively gathering signatures
        4. Nevada had a big win with "Yes on 3" and has filed for official minor party status.
        5. Maine recognized as an official state party.
        6. Voting reform conversations are becoming more common place across the political spectrum.
    2. 2023 Goals
      1. PA FWD
        1. 150 Events and 1000 Unique RSVPs
        2. 3 C's 
          1. Civic Engagement- embrace and inspire community involvement
          2. Candidates- recruit, train, run
          3. Collaborate- build coalitions; recognize our tools and resources deliver value and deployed effectively will help us build.
        3. Listen 
      2. National FWD
        1. Build a viable, credible and durable party.
        2. Refine mission and clearly define efforts.
        3. Empower and assist additional states to move into official party status.
        4. Develop additional tools and infrastructure to support local leaders.
  3. Team Reports-(Join a team!)
    1. Research-
      1. Bylaws update
      2. Scorecards
      3. Candidate talk
    2. Fundraising/Finance
      1. end of year campaign
      2. current process for budget items
    3. Communications
      1. emails-meetings, updates, outreach
      2. social media
      3. graphic design
    4. Organizing
      1. Online
        1. Drop In Monday 
        2. Frameworks- submit your requested topic
      2. In Person
        1. Coffee MeetUp in Eastern Allegheny-Brian
        2. Civic engagement opportunity- Alex
        3. Host an event- link
  4. Q&A

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Christian Fyke


I spend my time building community and connecting people through hospitality.