"The way to protect the influence and relevance of the Republican party is not to strong-arm the people of Tennessee. There is not a human I have ever met who 'falls in line' when he perceives he is being forced into allegiance. That is the antithesis of the American character, and I encourage you to consider the long-lasting impacts of a bill that will, over time, make the Republican party the enemy of the people in this great state."

– Lauren Pinkston, Member, Forward Leadership Circle – March 2 Testimony before the House Election & Campaign Finance Subcommittee 



HB1045 passed through subcommittee yesterday and will appear before the full Local Government committee next Tuesday. The conversation was noticeably more productive in this week's session, and we're attributing it to the engagement from people all over Tennessee. 

We'd love for you to email the committee members who will hear the bill next week and ask them to vote against this bill.

Use the tool below to access ready-to-send emails.  If you can't send one to every member, we'd be grateful if you'd send as many as time allows. 



  • If you've never helped with this before, each email should take less than 10 seconds to open, sign, and send.


  • If you've helped in the past, thank you for jumping in to assist once more.


  • If you try accessing the tool but can't get it to work, we're happy to assist if we can. Let us know.
Shannon Rasmussen


Content writer and researcher; Army veteran; I realized I was in an political echo chamber in 2016, and finding the Forward Party was a piece of that journey.