When May 12, 2023 at 7:00am 8 hrs
Contact Virginia Forward Party [email protected]

Join the “Ride for RCV” event on May 12 – 13 in support of Ranked Choice Voting here in Virginia.  The event is an exciting opportunity for bikers, volunteers, and outdoor and sport enthusiasts to show their support for ranked choice voting.  The event is sponsored by a coalition of ranked choice voting enthusiasts including Forward Party Virginia, FairVote Virginia, UpVote Virginia, League of Women Voters of Virginia, Rank the Vote, and Virginia Veterans for Political Innovation.


“Ride for RCV” is being done in conjunction with the CAP2CAP. The Cap2Cap is an annual biking event from Jamestown to Richmond, and joining CAP2CAP provides a lot of benefits:  more fun, more people, organized events and support, and of course, more people being exposed to RCV and our supporting organizations (customized merchandise will be available for purchase).


You can participate in one or more of several ways:

  • Biking:  Be a biker and ride with our group and consider wearing a coalition T-shirt, which will soon be available for purchase.
  • Party Zone Attendee:  Attend one or both of the Party Zones (Chickahominy Riverfront Park on Friday and Dorey Park on Saturday).  We will be handing out informational literature and swag and holding mock RCV elections.  Other vendors will be there as well.
  • Social Event Attendee:  Join Friday night’s social event at Hilton Vacation Club The Historic Powhatan.  All riders and RCV supporters are invited as well as local government and other community leaders.
  • Volunteer:  Help with one or more of our Party Zone tents and/or the social event.


Whether you are a rider, volunteer, or just an attendee of the Friday night social event, please sign up here at the Ride for RCV sign-up form.  If you just want to cheer on the riders along the route and be an attendee at the Party Zones, there is no need to sign up.


ALL RIDERS, please also sign up for CAP2CAP, which is required.  There is a fee for joining the ride, and that fee varies by the distance that you are riding and the number of riders.  Those details are available from CAP2CAP.  Rider fees are a donation that benefits the Virginia Capital Trail Foundation.  The basic ride itinerary is as follows (more details at CAP2CAP):

5/12 - Start at Jamestown. Bike to Charles City. Turnaround and bike back to Jamestown. Spend the night in the Jamestown/Williamsburg area.
5/13 - Drive to Charles City. Park. Bike to Richmond. Turnaround and bike back to Charles City. Drive home or drive back to Jamestown/Williamsburg area.  “Super cyclists” could do the full Jamestown to Richmond route both days (100 miles per day).  “Slow cyclists” could turn around before they get to Charles City (about 25 miles per day).


Take care of plans for travel and accommodations, if necessary.  There are a variety of hotels in the Jamestown/Williamsburg area at various price points.  Alternatively, those living not far from Jamestown or Richmond might choose to drive back and forth for the activities each day.  The base of our operations and the location of the Friday night social event will be the Hilton Vacation Club The Historic Powhatan Williamsburg, but participants/attendees that need accommodations may stay at any hotel of their choosing.


So, please join us for this exciting event by completing the Ride for RCV sign-up form, and if you will be a rider, please also register with CAP2CAP.  Additional information is on the UpVote website, linked here: https://upvoteva.org/ride-for-rcv

Ride for RCV event shirts and sweatshirts may be purchased here:  Ride for Ranked Choice Voting Shirts