When April 18, 2023 at 6:00pm 1 hr
Contact Levi Leatherberry

So, if you wanna talk space, or new ways citizen engagement can help support this industry and its projects - drop by or join the discord. https://discord.gg/bkDmxUGg

We are a small group of state leads, organizers, and Forward Party volunteers who are interested in helping fund space-based projects. Space can be a fantastic alternative to war as the military-industrial complex operates in both, and can profit more from making civilian aerospace rather than rockets to aim at other countries. 

Our hope is that we have a unique angle to contribute to this big industry, by focusing on spending taxpayer money on civilian space projects open to the taxpayers and the whole scientific community by applying for and funding non-classified projects that can help bring new light and enthusiasm to this aging industry. For too long big dark budgets have run this industry, and it has become a bottleneck to innovation – although we won't make new rockets or fuel sources ourselves we can help put more scientists on them and be a force multiplier to an industry that can profoundly impact our everyday lives.

We believe the more the average citizen can benefit from space whether it be satellites helping farmers with soil testing, lowering the costs of healthcare with tele-medicine, to even helping make education more accessible through remote learning we can help build a broader coalition and mobilize public support for university programs, private launch facilities, and space-based infrastructure. From micro-satellites to new lenses for telescopes there are a lot of good ideas out there, that are low-budget, reasonable, and just in need of more active engagement from America's citizens.

Space is one of the few areas Forward will not run into a establishment interest unlike healthcare, infrastructure, education etc - as no big business or established interest actually benefits from space being underfunded. There is no invested interest against the reform, if anything its the one area where reformers and the establishment have alignment and a general sense of hope for the future. Projects with space may be the easier projects to fund and build ironically at small scales in community based projects, sometimes you gotta think outside the box, or atmosphere.

Will you come?