The Illinois Forward Party is pleased to announce the passage of HB 2473, which was enacted to effectively resolve Governor Pritzker’s veto of SB 76 (see our earlier position statement). HB 2473, has passed both the Senate and House with overwhelming majorities. The bill passed the Senate 44 – 7, and the House, 98 – 8. Governor Pritzker has stated he will sign the bill.

We commend the members of the Illinois General Assembly and the Governor who came together in a bi-partisan fashion to pass this important legislation. Nuclear energy is a critical part of Illinois’ clean energy future, and this bill will help ensure that we continue to have access to this reliable and affordable energy source.

We want to express our gratitude to our Illinois Forward Party supporters for reaching out to over 100 legislators urging their support for this productive policy solution. Your voices were heard, and served a vital role in the democratic process to pass this legislation.