November 22 we plan to discuss Gun Violence. While most agree there is a problem, there are varying opinions on what should be done and often it feels like the response is anger driven and not solution oriented. 

 We welcome you to join us for respectful yet spirited civic discourse. Framework Sessions is a discussion policy and topical issues committed to listening and getting to the root of the problem with a focus on solutions.

This forum is for newcomers and experts of various opinions. We do require respect as well as grace and tolerance as we explore new perspectives. Free People, Thriving Democracy and Flourishing Communities will be the measuring stick as we approach solutions.

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Here are some links that have been submitted for review to prepare for the discussion.,to%20stop%20the%20next%20shooting

March Fourth is a nonprofit advocacy group with a singular mission: to federally ban assault weapons. The organization is non-partisan, as its members are unified on the human issue of keeping Americans safe. Weapons of war simply shouldn’t be accessed by civilians. Join March Fourth in their missio

Topic:  Gun Control 


Problems Faced:


  • More people have died from gun violence over the last 30 years than in any of our wars during that time. 
  • What could agree that makes sense to ban and how. 
  • How do you address the community problems that lead to shootings?
  • How do you prevent young black men from paying the price for gun control? 
  • What do we do about bizarre peanative laws?
  • What will the required training actually do?  

Key Ideas: 


  • Divide gun violence into multiple topics: Mass Shootings, Domestic Shooting, Intercity Crime. 
  • Allow gun owners to write the classes for guns. 
  • We need to support people better so that they aren’t committing shootings. 
  • Stregthen background checks about past crimes. 
  • Could we use some kind of authorization for assault rifles. 
  • Focus on getting rid of violence altercations. 
  • Use different kinds of gun laws based on different geographic variation. 
  • Maybe use a system in which you have to get consistently approved for ownership. 


It is easy to divide people over the topic of guns. There are those who want guns restricted and there are those that believe our Constitutional right must not be violated. Almost all of us agree the violence needs to end and it requires stronger communities to make that happen. Addressing guns without looking at the broader issues does not meet the problem. And it is important to recognize, doing nothing certainly should not be acceptable either. The conversation provided opportunities to hear from those on either side without looking at one another as the enemy. We do need to go further in finding solutions to propose. We need gun owners and advocates to help define what training or requirements they are willing to accept. Right now they are focused on defending their guns. Personally, I believe training that includes identifying risk and de-escalating situations should be implemented. We cannot foster an attitude where people are looking for an excuse or opportunity to utilize their weapon on another person.

I look forward to revisiting this conversation in the future. 

Christian Fyke


I spend my time building community and connecting people through hospitality.