The Forward Party is committed to transforming the status quo in American government. To that end, a major priority is to have as many Forwardists holding elected office as possible. Closer to home, Pennsylvania Forward’s goal is to have at least 25 Forwardists in office by the end of the 2024 cycle. This can be accomplished in one of three ways: 

1)Candidates - persons who run for office with Forward as their registered party 

2) Affiliation - where a sitting elected official formally Aligns/Affiliates with Forward Party while keeping their official Major Party designation. They become a “Foward Republican” or “Forward Democrat”. 

3) Party Switching - where a sitting elected official is ready to leave their party and become a Forwardist 

Fortunately, we are already hard at work with 2 sitting State Senators declaring their Affiliation with Forward in June.  We continue to work with many more who are interested. These elected officials are committed to decreasing polarization, increasing collaborative problem solving, and to passing election reforms like Open Primaries and Ranked Choice Voting.

Click here to learn more about Senators Anthony Williams and Lisa Boscola affiliating with Forward on June 21st. You can also copy & paste the below URL into your browser's address bar.