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We're building a movement for a stronger and more representative government.


"Three out of four Americans are unhappy, but our elected officials have a reelection rate higher than the win-rate of the Michael Jordan led Chicago Bulls"

Our nation is in crisis - the Forward Party is ready to solve PROBLEMS.

  • 90% of our elections are decided in the primaries where candidates are chosen by the most extreme 10% of voters
  • 54% of Americans believe the greatest threat to democracy is their fellow Americans
  • Media divides America into two ideological camps
  • Social media pours gasoline on political firestorms

Watch Forward Unlocked: Andrew Yang - Live at City Winery New York, and get ready to join the fight to save this country!

We are not standing by and watching the great American Experiment fail. We are fighting for America.

"All things are possible." - Andrew Yang


The Forward Party will lead America FORWARD with solutions that will unlock a real difference in our homes and communities.

We will build a strong nation ready to face 21st century challenges with nonpartisan solutions backed up by data and common-sense:



We are the cavalry.

Not Left. Not Right. FORWARD.