Fair Districts PA is a wonderful organization focused on drawing maps that lead to better representation. They're asking supporters to work the polls on election day to get the word out. This is great opportunity to help a great organization, work on a great cause. If you don't have an endorsed candidate in your area, please consider helping this way on election day. 

Fair Districts PA is recruiting volunteers to collect petition signatures in support of an independent citizens redistricting commission. Volunteers are invited to work a shift (2-3 hours) at a polling place on November 7, talking to voters as they leave the polling place. This is an effective way of connecting with voters about the need for redistricting reform. Training, materials and support are provided. There are shifts available in every region of PA. Find Polling Place Outreach details and sign up here.

Our guiding principles

Fair districts must:

  • Adhere to all Constitution and Voting Rights Act requirements.
  • Make all districts as equal in population as possible within an established minimal range of deviation.
  • Respect city and county subdivisions, natural geographic features, and communities of interest.
  • Encourage geographical compactness.
  • Not be drawn for the purpose of favoring or discriminating against a political party or candidate.

Redistricting reform should:

  • Assign the redistricting power to an independent commission, of which neither the commissioners, nor members of their immediate families, may be government or political party officials.
  • Ensure the transparency of the process and meaningful opportunities for public participation.
  • Establish strict timelines for redistricting after each U.S. Census.
Brian McMurray


I'm from New Castle. I've Spent most of my life in western PA. If our state can live with our Sheetz/Wawa divide, maybe there is hope for our polarized country yet.