When June 26, 2022 at 9:00pm 2 hrs
Where Forward Party Discord Server

Hello all fellow Forwardists!

As part of our national Discord re-launch, we're going to be running a Trivia Night on Sunday, June 26th, at 9pm EDT, to determine the very best in the nation... at trivia!

The goal of this event is to offer a fun, casual atmosphere for members of our state movements to socialize and get accustomed to Discord communications, which will be used later on for forum discussions, social events, meetings, and more. The prizes are bragging rights, but there will be a lot of bragging rights on the line!

How It Works:

  • State leads are encouraged to RSVP for this event as soon as possible, and to use any of their preferred communication tools - Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. - to gather up their teams
  • If you're a supporter that wants to play, let us know in the 💬-general-chat channel on the Forward Party discord, where your state lead will connect with you
  • RSVP to the Zoom call where the game will be hosted here
  • On the 26th, join the Zoom call to learn how to play the game and be assigned to your trivia team for the event
  • Once teams are set up, use Discord to work together to find the answers to this exciting game, hosted by Florida Interim State Lead, Nate Smolensky!

Before the event, please make sure to have your Discord account setup – here's how:

  • Join the national Forward Party discord server by clicking here
  • Create your Discord account OR sign in through an existing Discord account
  • Confirm you agree with our community guidelines
  • Click on the 🔰-roles-states channel to join your state's sub-server by clicking on the button that corresponds with your state
  • Be ready to join your team's designated stage channel for the event!

As we move Forward, remember to have fun, and we look forward to connecting with you all. Feel free to ask any questions on the 💬-general-chat channel on our Discord!

Please note that this event has been postponed from its originally scheduled date.

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