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Total Recruits: 1 . Meet the IVA: The Proactive Voter Movement for Open Ballot Access and Equal Political Speech.
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The Proactive Voter Movement

Building human capital to power The Proactive Voter Movement for election innovation:

IVA Goal: Build the bottom-up Internet structure used by the populist nonpartisan Proactive Voter Movement to create open Final Five Primary Elections and RCV (Ranked Choice Voting) General Elections in every state.1 Have vote by mail2 available for all eligible voters in every state.3 Equal Political Speech under the law. We are the 99.999%. Occupy Elections. Everybody Vote! Unite America. Occupy local legislative and executive offices. Occupy State Legislative and Executive Offices. Occupy the U.S. Congress. Occupy the White House.

Proactive Voter Participation, grassroots. The change. Rich Stevenson, .

Non-Party: . Human capital. 

Not Left. Not Right. FORWARD. Occupy Elections for the 99.999%. Everybody Vote!

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