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Outreach Working Group


Outreach Lead

Nathan Roskop


Short Description

The Outreach Working Group is focused on engaging with supporters within the Forward Party. Specifically, they focus on outreach efforts to engage new supporters that sign up through our website, and see how we can best support them and get them involved in the party at a level that is comfortable. They also reach out to existing members that have been inactive for a time to re-engage and see what we could do differently to encourage their continued support of the party. If you enjoy chatting with new and excited supporters for the party, this is the group for you!


Current Activities

Updated New Member Pipeline

The Outreach Working Group has been working hard to develop an updated and more effective pipeline for new supporters interested in the Forward Party. The new pipeline includes sustainable methods of engaging quickly with new members and get them plugged in with the party at a level that works best for them. The pipeline also focuses on funneling individuals into volunteer positions seamlessly so that all interested volunteers can get connected with their respective Working Groups and get them working towards a better democracy!