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David Gold


Short Description

The Colorado Leadership Circle is a group of community leaders from throughout the state who are aligned with the state and national priorities of the party. The CLC works and engages with members of communities throughout Colorado to build and provide recommendations to the state Forward Party on how to improve the lives and well-being of members from their respective localities. The CLC provides a channel for the state party to stay closely connected and receptive to feedback and suggestions from Coloradans. If you are interested in joining the Colorado Leadership Circle, please reach out to the State Leadership team.

Current Activities

Forward Party CLC Launch

The Forward Party of Colorado has just launched its Leadership Circle and we are now accepting candidates who are interested in joining! If you are a community leader, business leader, or any other type of leader within the state of Colorado, please contact the State Leadership team to apply! Just let us know a bit about yourself, including your experience and background, your community involvement, and why you would like to join the Leadership Circle. We welcome leaders across the state from all backgrounds and we feel that a diverse set of leaders from different perspectives will make the Leadership Circle optimally successful!