We Believe A Forward Declaration 

Submitted by Jaz Sockman

For too long, the government, controlled by the ruling parties, has failed. They have failed to support the people, they have failed to address our concerns; and most importantly, they have designed and constructed a system hell bent on achieving nothing but more division and the further collapse of our democracy. We say NO! We believe the citizens of our country and the government that supports them deserves better. This is what we believe. 

We believe that although we may have policy disagreement we should always be certain that the other side has the best interest of the people at heart. 

We believe in the academic process. That every belief should be supported by facts and principles. 

We believe before bashing our heads in grid lock at each other we should understand the other position and work towards a solution that best addresses everyone's issues.  

Lastly, We believe in a system of government that supports solutions to real world problems instead of allowing parties to hold them hostage for political gain. 

Like a veil of deception the current political system binds people to ideologies and throws them against each other for nothing more than their leaders continued supremacy. Those of us at Forward may not all agree on policy. However, we believe in a better process! One that puts people and problems first!

Christian Fyke


I spend my time building community and connecting people through hospitality.