We at PA Forward are proud to introduce you to two very exciting people. They will representing the Pennsylvania Forward Party this year as candidates for statewide office.

Here in PA, Minor Parties earn official status by running a Candidate for a Statewide office and earning 2% of the total vote count. Earning Official Minor Party status is our biggest target yet and this is the year that we are will do it. This is how we build a new kind of party here in Pennsylvania. One that can run candidates in Red districts and Blue ones. One that can bring competition to all the "safe seats" that the major parties pay no attention to. This is how we bring New voices to our political system.

Over the next few months, you'll hear a lot more about these candidates from us, Forward National - and hopefully from your sources of Pennsylvania news. Help us get these candidates off to the best possible start by attending one or more of the launch events on Tuesday March 26th and meeting them in person.

These announcements are also a great moment for the National Forward Party. Pennsylvania is one of the key states with opportunities to put Forwardists in office. We'll be joined by big name guests from National Forward Leadership and Partnered office holders. 

The March 26th Launch Forward Day will include 3 separate events. The two morning events will be in Pittsburgh at 9:30am and Philadelphia at 10am. Attendees from these two events will then journey to Harrisburg to join together for a joint candidate announcement. We encourage everyone to join at least their closest Candidate Announcement in the morning and join us in Harrisburg in the afternoon if you are able.


Please RSVP for an event so we can keep you up to date on details as we can release them by clicking on the links below.



We'll have for details for you soon so please stay tuned.

Brian McMurray


I'm from New Castle. I've Spent most of my life in western PA. If our state can live with our Sheetz/Wawa divide, maybe there is hope for our polarized country yet.